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if you find my pants in the freezer...

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

If you find my pants in the freezer...
I'm cleaning them.

I know. It sounds crazy. But you guys - I am completely sold on this quick and easy alternative to "washing" your pants.

Maybe you've got some "nice" ripped jeans, and you don't want the holes to get bigger. Or maybe you've got some wax-coated pants you don't want to fade.

I have these amazing Rag & Bone wax-coated pants (a much more affordable alternative to leather, my friends). And unfortunately I know from past experience with a previous pair that the washing wachine will cause a slow and painful "pants death" by stripping them of the wax and leaving behind a weird, splotchy, residuey-lookin' thing. And ain't nobody want that.

So, unless you spill something on your pants (guac. somehow it's always guac), you can get all the benefits of washing while protecting and preserving them. Simply:
1. fold your pants
2. put them in a ziploc
3. place them in the freezer (yep, right there next to the frozen grapes)
Come morning, any odor will be gone, elasticity restored, and your pants will be ready to go for your next hot date. (Just make sure you let them "thaw" before putting them on - brr! leg freeze!)

Now next time I come over I just may find your pants in the freezer :)

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