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stop following your dream

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

we are all used to hearing, “follow your dreams.” as children we grow up hearing, “you can be anything you want to be!” but what does God want you to be? what is God’s dream for you?

this is something the Lord has been teaching me. I need to quit seeking my “dream” and start seeking Him.

if I let go of my dream, I just might find an even better one. dreams evolve. God may have something better in store for me than I could have imagined for myself.

I always like hearing stories about what I was like as a child. my mom recently told me that since the age of 3, I was on a mission. whatever it was, I put my mind to it. I didn’t stop until I achieved it. I did the absolute best I possibly could as whatever it was I was doing – school work, ice skating competitions, piano practice, gymnastics, cheerleading, you name it.

this may sound like a good quality to have, but it’s a slippery slope. in a way I have gone through life with “blinders” on, so focused on my goals that I tend to put them before everything else, and everyone else.

I don’t want to go through life with blinders on. I want to be open to the opportunities that are right there in front of me each day, to the people that are right there in front of me each day.  

I also don’t want to go “wishing life away” always seeking the next step, the next goal, the next life stage.

life is what happens when you’re making other plans.

it’s great to have goals. it’s important to be working towards something. but these are the moments, the moments you have today, to be right where God wants you.

success is being exactly where God wants you to be, doing exactly what He wants you to be doing.

the world may not agree. the world tells us we have to make more money, that we won’t be happy until we have this car or that house, or a spouse and three kids with a pool in the backyard.

my dream is to be a successful working actress. but the truth is… the next acting gig isn’t going to fulfill me. the next paycheck won’t sustain me. only the Lord can do that.

what is your dream?

it’s time we let go of our own dream so the Lord can reveal His dream for us.  

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