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turkey bacon wrapped dates

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

It's New Year's Eve. You need an appetizer to bring to a party, but you can't have gluten, soy, dairy, corn or nuts (welcome to my world). You want to make something relatively healthy and that won't require you to stand on your feet for hours in your kitchen. 

Enter bacon-wrapped dates. With a mer la la twist. A spin off the traditional version that merely subs goat cheese for coconut butter and regular bacon for turkey bacon! 

They're so delicious they'll have you asking, "Why didn't we think of this sooner?!"

turkey bacon wrapped dates

what you need:
- dates
- artisana coconut butter
- turkey bacon
- olive oil
- toothpicks

what you do:
1. using a sharp knife, slice the dates on one side (the long way) and remove the pits

2. fill centers with artisana coconut butter

3. gently press and reform dates around coconut butter

4. coat pan with olive oil and cook your turkey bacon (I like mine pretty well done)

5. roll stuffed dates in turkey bacon, piercing with a toothpick to secure

they're so irresistible...

you just might have to have one...

or two... before you make it out the door!


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