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recycled wine bottle christmas decor

Monday, December 9, 2013

This is the first Christmas season I have had with my own place. It's great in a sense that I can decorate for Christmas. It's not so great in a sense that I have no Christmas decorations.

In an effort to not go broke, I decided to look to Pinterest for some inspiration for making my own Christmas decorations! This is one of my favorite ideas that I have seen:

recycled wine bottle vases

Here's what you need:

- some wine bottles
- some twigs (I literally went to a nearby park, walked around and picked some up!)
- flat white primer (I used Rust-oleum Painter's Touch 2X Ultra cover brand)
- Krylon Super Quick Grip Spray Adhesive
- spray glitter (I used silver, but depending on your other decor, gold would look great as well!)
- Epsom salt
- tarp/newspaper

Here's how I did it:

- I took a plastic tarp down to my garage with the supplies (you want to be outside when using sprays)
- I sprayed the bottles with 2 coats of primer and let those dry
- I then folded the tarp in half for a clean surface and sprinkled a bunch of epsom salt on it
- I took one bottle at a time, holding it by the neck and generously sprayed adhesive all around the main part of the bottle (spray from about 6-12 inches back so it doesn't get too much and drip)
- Then quickly roll the bottle gently over the epsom salt
- Lay your twigs on the tarp and spray them generously with spray glitter, flipping them over to make sure to get both sides
- Once the twigs are dry, arrange them in your bottles and voila! 

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