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twinkle lights.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

There’s something about twinkle lights. They make everything a little brighter, make an ordinary space a little more magical.

I recently moved to a place of my own before which I had never given much thought to design and décor… I’d never toiled over a dining room table, had no idea how much a couch cost, didn’t know what Chevron was. Until I was forced to. A true first world problem, I know.

Thankfully, my mom is super into decorating and helped act as my interior designer. Throughout the process she would email me ideas, and I would tell her what I liked and didn’t like. And I started to realize I actually really love designing and decorating - some spaces more than others... namely, the roofdeck. Any time my mom and I were out shopping, it mostly went like this:

Well, I'm planning on almost living up there – reading scripts, prepping for auditions, hanging out with friends, laying out, having dinner parties, drinking wine and having great conversation. Once we finished setting everything up, my parents finally saw the light. No pun intended.
my adorable parents 

The view on the roofdeck is inspiring. Especially at night. The moon and city lights illuminate the night just enough to create silhouettes of palm trees all around and strings of starlight overhead. And the twinkle lights… Well, you already know how I feel about the twinkle lights.

vintage light string. restoration hardware.

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