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crafty Christmas cards

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Need a last minute Christmas gift? Have some leftover ribbon?

These DIY Christmas cards are a thrifty, efficient, and let's be honest - adorable - alternative to store-bought cards!

What you need:
- blank greeting cards (I found some on sale at Michael's - 50 for only $5!)
- leftover ribbon
- yellow construction paper (or any color of your choice)
- hot glue gun
- scissors
- pencil
- paper bag (or other protective surface cover for the hot glue gun)

All you do:
cut scraps of ribbon and arrange them like so.

cut a star from construction paper.
(helpful tip: use a pencil to draw a star, cut around it, and just flip it over so the "non-pencil" side is face up)

glue pieces from the bottom up.
(helpful tip: use a very small dot of hot glue on each of the four "corners" of ribbon. it also helps to use wire-edged ribbon - that way you can glue it down without having to really touch the corners and deal with a hot glue mess on your fingers.)

Once the glue is dry, gently remove any stringy hot glue leftovers, and voila! A handmade greeting card made with love.

Merry Christmas. And a crafty New Year.

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