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apricots with coconut butter and cinnamon

Monday, July 7, 2014

So, it's Monday. I don't know about you, but on a Monday - and a Monday after a holiday weekend no less - sometimes I need a little something sweet to brighten my day...  or bright to sweeten my day. See what I did there?

There's nothing better than fresh fruit from the farmer's market in the summer. Okay, so I didn't actually make it to the farmer's market. I got these apricots at Trader Joe's. Sue me. But hey - they are organic.

Anyway, I just randomly concocted this sweet, simple, summer snack and wanted to share! So without further ado...

apricots with coconut butter and cinnamon.

- apricots
- artisana coconut butter (Whole Foods carries this)
- ground cinnamon

 wash and dry apricots.
 slice apricots in half.
 remove the pits/seeds.
 fill centers with artisana coconut butter.
(please do not ruin my concoction and use any other coconut butter. okay, thanks :) once you taste this little dollop of heaven, you'll know why.)
sprinkle with cinnamon.
and voila!
a sweet, simple, savory, summer snack.

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